Friday, July 21, 2017


Welcome back to whatever the heck it is we're doing here! Thanks to everyone who's been picking up ebooks and print books. We've heard a lot of positive feedback, and it's making us even more excited about getting the third book done!

For now, here's what Ginger and Kara are up to in their own lines of work:

This week, Imagination Print and Design (where Ginger spends her working hours) is offering a variety of locally themed shirts and tanks! If you or a friend is from Illinois, check out their site to see what's on offer. And remember, these summer designs aren't around for long, so grab them when you see them!

Also, Ginger's Etsy shop is now three years old! Be sure to zoom by and check out what she's got for sale.

Meanwhile, Kara's dropped in on the Chatty AF podcast to give her thoughts on the 2016-2017 series of Berserk! Listen to the first episode here as she watches along with Amelia and Peter. (Note: Berserk is a hot mess show and a lot of the stuff discussed is pretty violent and uncomfortable, so make sure you're in for that stuff before you tune in.) Kara will be back for three more episodes in the coming weeks to finish up the watch-along.

That's all for now! And incidentally, if you're a podcast, blog, or other such news purveyor whose fans would be interested in Owl's Flower, please feel free to contact us at -- we enjoy talking about ourselves.

Friday, July 14, 2017

VIDEO: Roller Coaster and Batball

So Kara's sat down with a pot of her strongest tea and some motivation, and spliced together another bit of video from the Owl's Flower Spring Tour 2017! This time, Ginger and Kara visit Six Flags Great America, talk about how Herne would fare on a coaster, and there's something about baseball in there too.

For what it's worth, Goliath was exactly as amazing as we both hoped.

We really enjoyed doing these videos, and honestly we're hoping to do more in future. Sadly, living half a country away from each other means we can't necessarily do them like this unless one of us is visiting or we're both at a con. But people seem to like these so... it's worth a look next time we're together!

Maybe we'll ask for questions to answer on video. Yeah.

Or maybe we'll just do what we usually do. Hard to tell at this point.

Friday, July 7, 2017


Hey, guys! We've been in such a whirlwind of Ghost Fall stuff that we practically haven't had time to talk to you about our non-Owl's Flower stuff! You've all been extremely supportive, and it's exciting to see you taking to the new book and merch. We always create things in the hope that they'll be loved, and that sure seems to be the case right now.

So... on to what Ginger and Kara are working on outside the series!

In the wake of last week's Doctor Who finale, we get the feeling you might want to check out Ginger's Etsy shop. It's full of Whovian goodies, with some really awesome stuff for Twelfth Doctor fans. Grab shirts, pins, prints, and more to keep you company during the long wait 'til Christmas.

And if you're done with Ghost Fall and looking for a new read, pick up the latest edition of NILVX: A Book of Magic! This quarterly anthology of magic, mysticism, and the occult is doing its first volume of tarot-inspired writing, including Kara's short sci-fantasy story Judgment Day. Pick it up online starting today -- or drop by The Sacred Well (CA/OR) or The Sword and Rose (CA)!

That's all for this week. We're bustling away behind the scenes as always. Don't forget to preorder Ghost Fall in print, or grab it now in ebook format!

Friday, June 30, 2017

VIDEO: "The Process"

So while Kara was visiting Ginger in Illinois, we promised we'd get you a few videos. Sadly, Kara's phone is stupid and doesn't have much space on it, and was acting up when she tried to transfer the videos to her laptop.

However! We're in the process of grabbing vids off iCloud and Ginger's computer to get them to you. We're not sure how often they'll come out, but they will definitely be coming out. And this Friday is the first of them!

Check out the two of us talking about "the process," the very beginnings of the story, and how we construct scenes together:

And if you haven't picked up your copy of Ghost Fall yet, be sure to do so!

BOOK 2: "Ghost Fall" Now in Print!

So if you were reading closely in our last post, you may have noticed some big news: that is, Ghost Fall is now available to preorder in print! Ginger found an amazing printer, and thanks to the enthusiastic response to the new book and merch, we're able to move toward funding our first print run!


Books are expected to be posted out in mid-July. So get a jump on the crowd and grab yours now!

Meanwhile, we're back to work on Book 3 (as yet untitled), and we're working with an event for a potential surprise to correspond with its release. What is it?... ah, we'll let you know when we're sure ourselves. For now, look forward to it!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

BOOK 2: From Screen to Print!

So first off, before anything else -- thank you so much for your purchases and your positive reaction to Ghost Fall! You have genuinely exceeded our expectations, and thanks to your enthusiasm and support we are on our way to bringing you more Owl's Flower just as we've been hoping to. Keep on spreading the word!

Now, on the subject of doing more. We've had a few people say they're waiting for the print edition. It's true that the first book has a print edition -- but, as you may have seen, Ginger literally assembled them herself in her living room. It makes for a great blog piece, but it's not really the sort of thing she can do every time we want to do a book.

So we've been looking into ways to bring you print books that are the quality we want to bring our readers without actually destroying ourselves in the process. This is actually a multi-step job. But since it is kind of crazy, and since you are kind of supporting a brand new franchise from the ground up, we thought it would be fair to bring you in on what we're doing.

Owl's Flower is a light novel, yes, but unlike most light novels on store shelves, its drawings are full-color illustrations. Color and lighting are important when it comes to the tone and impact of Owl's Flower's drawings, and to truly get that out there, we absolutely needed our drawings to remain in color.

If you've ever researched print-your-own books or similar projects, you will know that there are typically two, and only two, options for your color choices: all black and white, or all color. This mainly has to do with how most printers have their machines and presses set up and ultimately, what is cost effective for that printer. But for us, it made no sense to bite the bullet and just print our book in all color -- financially, it made no sense, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. There had to be another way.

After months of research and sending out quote requests, we finally landed on our printer: someone who would do black and white printing, with color inserts, for a fair price and reasonable minimum quantities.

Just because we found our printer that didn't mean we were home free. This stage of the game mainly involves researching different interior paper, cover stocks, and asking as many questions as possible to be sure all bases are covered. Our printer was so kind as to send a sample book so that Ginger could see, feel, and scrutinize the different papers and the actual print quality.

If you (like Kara) don't know that difference is between 50# and 70# or what “C2S” stands for, this may have little interest to you, but it's an extremely important step to be sure that Owl's Flower is going to be printed with the same amount of quality – or more – as the kind you see on store shelves. Everything is researched to be sure the book looks good while still remaining well priced. 

Once the quote for the books is set, it comes down to getting everything put together in a print-ready file and triple-checking everything that has been triple-checked to make super-duper-uber sure that the book will print properly. Making sure the illustrations are in the layout properly, that page numbers are correct, that the proper phrases are italicized, things like that.

That might seem like extra work when we already have an ebook version, but the formatting between ebook and print is very different. When Kara assembles the ebooks, she runs the PDF file straight out of Word (after tweaking and making sure no words have magically disappeared under images). Then she has to go back to the Word file, reformat it, and run it through an ebook program to make sure the text shows up properly across a variety of ereaders.

All in all, getting a book formatted for PDF, Mobi, ePub, and print involves two people altering five or six different iterations of one file!

Once everything is set, it's off to the printers and out of our hands so that professionals can take care of it. Isn't it great to know people who know what they're doing?

Meanwhile, we're ticking away at book 3, so that eventually you'll have more fantastic stories to read.

So what happens then? Well, we have books! They're sent to Ginger, and she ships them out to you. Then you can read them, put them on your bookshelf next to your Tokyopop manga, take photos of them with your cat and a cup of coffee, or whatever the heck you kids do with print books these days.

Basically, this is all our very long-winded way of telling you that book 2 preorders are now open, and if you want yours you should head over to our Storenvy shop. We'll be doing a bigger post about this later, but the sooner you get in, the sooner you get yours!

Again, thanks for all your support!

Friday, June 23, 2017


Wow, what a week! Ghost Fall is out and we've already got some satisfied customers. Please keep on picking up your ebook copy to support us and to keep on reading the story of Herne and Iris. Book 3 is underway (and will be more underway now that Kara and Ginger are out from under assembling book 2!), so as time goes on we'll occasionally drop some little hints about that.

So, what else has been going on in the world of our creators?

Ginger's place of employment, Imagination Print and Design, is collaborating with the Vietnam Moving Wall's stop in Oswego to sell some absolutely gorgeous shirts. Check out their selections and pick some up! Online ordering for these shirts ends on Monday, July 31, so you only have a month to get yours!

Imagination Print and Design is also doing a series of pop-up shops this summer. Check out their Facebook page to see new designs for $10!

Meanwhile, Kara has just finished working with Crunchyroll and Fathom Events on an ongoing promotion for the new film Resident Evil: Vendetta! Check out her interview with voice actors Matt Mercer (Leon S. Kennedy) and Erin Cahill (Rebecca Chambers) covering the film, the pair's other video game and acting work, the Overwatchiversary, and the awesomeness of the anime and game fandom.

You can also rent or buy the film on Amazon Video right now. DVD and Blu-Ray copies go on sale July 18!

That's all for now -- see you next week! And please send us your thoughts on Book 2, and be sure to refer your friends!