Friday, September 22, 2017

CREATOR UPDATE: Upcoming Projects!

It's almost the end of September and that's sort of terrifying. Kara's heading off to England in just over a, but that won't stop progress on much of anything. Both Ginger and Kara are working away on some cool new stuff that can hopefully be in your hands before long!

Our lips are sealed on what it's for, but check out Ginger's work on this magical little critter! More forthcoming on what he's for and where you can get it. For now, enjoy the sparkles and see if you can guess what it'll be!

Speaking of new projects, be sure to preorder Ride the Star Wind, which drops next Tuesday! Released by Broken Eye Books, this new anthology mixes Lovecraftian horror with space opera. Kara is included by way of a story titled "Canary Down" -- be sure to check it out!

And last but not least, you might want to keep an eye out for this anthology, coming in the near future. Relics is another release from Red Ted Books, who released the Doctor Who charity anthology Nine Lives. This one in particular is special because it includes a short story set in the Owl's Flower universe! We'll tell you more when the time comes... but for now, look forward to "Clarity."

That's all for this week!

Friday, September 15, 2017

CREATOR UPDATE: PotterVerse in Review!


We had an amazing weekend at the first-ever PotterVerse. Ginger's first-ever branded con, tons of interviews and presenting for Kara, and (finally) some time in the hot tub for both of us.

The entire Onezumi Events crew did an amazing job this year, even with the expected (and unexpected) first-year hiccups. Saturday morning involved a fire alarm going off, followed by a huge influx of day-pass attendees! Sunday was equally well attended, and the reg table and panels were rocking!

Speaking of panels, we had an amazing turnout for our Saturday panel on self-publishing. Lots of interested and engaged attendees learning how to create their books on their own terms. Hopefully soon we'll be going out and reading their creations!

And thanks to all our new (and vocal!) fans! We sold books while we were at the con, and got some awesome reviews on Facebook. Which means... you guys were reading in your hotel rooms??? That's freaking amazing, guys.

We also ran straight out of our collab art created by Ginger. Don't worry -- we'll be sure to memorialize it somewhere!

So what does this mean for future...

Will you do more Owl's Flower stuff at cons? Yep! Likely Onezumi Events joints since that's the one place where we're both sure to be, but I'm sure if we got an offer that let us hike out to an event together without breaking ourselves or the bank, we might consider it.

Will you do the self-publishing panel again? Almost certainly, and it will probably be different next time you see it. Any time we encounter a new issue, our approach changes. So a year from now we will likely have learned enough to have new information to offer.

Will you do other types? We're kicking around a couple ideas that integrate our Owl's Flower work into a wider fandom/creativity scope, so we may look into that. At the moment our fan base doesn't feel quite wide enough to do a solely Owl's Flower panel, but we look forward to the day when we can just bring out coffee and cookies and shoot the breeze.

What about more collab art? That worked so well. Honestly, the idea came about because Kara is such a sucker for how hard Japan goes with collab cafes/art prints/etc. and Ginger made it good. It was great for advertising and drumming up support, but neither of us really predicted running out. So yes, more art will be on the horizon we hope.

Thanks again for coming out to see us, hanging out with us, and taking a chance on our book series! We'll have more news soon about what's going on here, and where you can see us next!

Friday, September 1, 2017

CREATOR UPDATE: PotterVerse Panels and Seasons of War!

It's a busy time at the Owl's Flower office! (Offices?) Kara's just come back from the first Crunchyroll Expo, and we're both preparing to head out to the very first PotterVerse next week! You still have a limited time to grab early registration, and you might want to -- we hear it's filling up fast!

September 9 at 5 pm in Panels Room 2, we'll be doing a panel about self-publishing from the ground up: how to format, print, code, and market your book without a middleman. And we'll have some handy handouts with this adorable collab art featuring Iris, Stormy, Dumb Baby, and the return of THE HAT! We'll also be appearing with our buddy John Peel at the 3 pm World-Building panel that same day.

You'll also be able to spot us throughout the weekend elsewhere. Ginger will be working the merch booth (where she'll be selling those sweet shirts she designed), and Kara will be conducting interviews on the mainstage with our awesome guests! We'll probably also be at the bar at some point.

RSVP here on Facebook if you're interested in going. (Remember, this does require PotterVerse admission.)

Oh right. And then there's that Doctor Who book.

Early next year, the Seasons of War line will be releasing Gallifrey, a novella co-written by Kara with author Paul Driscoll. The story takes place during the Time War and features four new characters -- a soldier, an Academy student, a senator, and a dissenter -- as the War changes and pulls apart their lives.

The sharp-eyed among you will notice Ginger's handiwork on the cover! The finished product might change over time, but this amazing circular work will be staying as you see it.

You can preorder now:
In the UK
Outside the UK

And the more you order, the more panicked Kara will get about finishing her part of it! So light a fire under her!

See you next Friday at PotterVerse!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Owl's Flower at PotterVerse 2017!

Happy to announce that, in addition to us working our butts off for Onezumi Events per usual, Owl's Flower will have some rep at PotterVerse next month!

In addition to seeing our work all over the place before and during, we'll be appearing at multiple educational panels teaching you how to create and publish works of you're own. We'll also be alongside Diadem author John Peel, the fantastic folks of Managlitch City Underground, and more for all your paranormal needs.

Check back soon for a listing of what Ginger and Kara will be up to (both separately and together), as well as a little something special in honor of the occasion!

Friday, August 4, 2017

Creator Weekly Wrap-Up: August 4, 2017

Wow! Thanks to all the people picking up Ghost Fall and talking it up to their friends! We're so happy people are enjoying their print editions, and we're always pleased when people give above and beyond what's necessary for the ebooks. That is super awesome of you, and it helps us keep going forward.

Just a quick note to give a listen to You and Who Talking episode 15, where Kara does a reading of her essay on Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes from the charity anthology You and Who Else.

Right now, both of us are in the home stretch for PotterVerse -- and both of us will be there! Be sure to keep an eye on the site to see what's coming. Programming is going up on the site, and Potter fans can pick up some gorgeous shirts designed by Ginger specifically for this year's event. There's also a military discount at-door, as well as ASL interpreters available by request.

Yes, they really do think of everything there.

Also, it was Ginger's birthday this week!

And she got a heck of an awesome cake. (Don't let the candles fool you. She's not six years old. She's like, nine at least.)

Thanks for staying on top of what we do, and we're looking forward to dropping more cool stuff on you soon!

Friday, July 28, 2017

CREATOR UPDATE: The Beauty of the "Ghost Fall" Books!

As some of you may be gathering as you open your mail over the next week or so, the print edition of Ghost Fall is here and ready to roll out! (And, in some cases, already rolling out.) We were fortunate to find an amazing publisher who gave us the quality we wanted at a price we could handle for our first run... meaning you guys get beautiful print copies in your hot little hands.

So if you saw the ebook up for sale and decided to wait for print -- wait no longer. Hop over to our Storenvy and pick it up for $12! A shiny, happy deal for all. The best part... Ginger doesn't have to hand-assemble and toast our books anymore, which means more time making awesome things for you.

Don't forget, you can still get the ebook edition for the price of a coffee (or more, if you're feeling generous) -- as well as the first ebook free -- here on the website. And don't forget to spread the word to book-loving friends!

Friday, July 21, 2017


Welcome back to whatever the heck it is we're doing here! Thanks to everyone who's been picking up ebooks and print books. We've heard a lot of positive feedback, and it's making us even more excited about getting the third book done!

For now, here's what Ginger and Kara are up to in their own lines of work:

This week, Imagination Print and Design (where Ginger spends her working hours) is offering a variety of locally themed shirts and tanks! If you or a friend is from Illinois, check out their site to see what's on offer. And remember, these summer designs aren't around for long, so grab them when you see them!

Also, Ginger's Etsy shop is now three years old! Be sure to zoom by and check out what she's got for sale.

Meanwhile, Kara's dropped in on the Chatty AF podcast to give her thoughts on the 2016-2017 series of Berserk! Listen to the first episode here as she watches along with Amelia and Peter. (Note: Berserk is a hot mess show and a lot of the stuff discussed is pretty violent and uncomfortable, so make sure you're in for that stuff before you tune in.) Kara will be back for three more episodes in the coming weeks to finish up the watch-along.

That's all for now! And incidentally, if you're a podcast, blog, or other such news purveyor whose fans would be interested in Owl's Flower, please feel free to contact us at -- we enjoy talking about ourselves.