Iris Faulkner: 35, the owner of Owl's Flower café. Iris is intelligent, driven, and loves her job; but sometimes that means the rest of her life gets lost in her dedication to her work. She has little patience for lying or secret-keeping, regardless of intent. Though not reckless or foolhardy, she adapts easily to extenuating circumstances -- and when all else fails, cookies and coffee are the answer.

Herne: 406 (give or take), the genius loci of Williams Grove, Virginia. Herne may do his best to give the impression of being responsible and stoic, but deep down he has the capacity to be playful and childish. He has made a handful of friends over the years, human and otherwise, but doesn't always catch on to the nuances of modern society quickly.

Stormy Nakabito: 17, the daughter of a businesswoman and a reformed hippie, and part-time employee of Owl's Flower. Under her dour, deadpan exterior, Stormy is actually a kind, responsible young woman. But she prefers to speak her mind openly, whether to perfect strangers or her boss. Smart and perhaps a touch superstitious; very few things crack Stormy's poker face.

Ms. Waters: Local elderly cat lady and friend to Iris. Ms. Waters shares her home with three cats: Anubis, Bast, and Hapi. She prefers to keep to herself, leaving the house only for her monthly trips to the seaside or when Iris offers her a free drink at the café. The closest thing Iris has to a parental figure in the immediate vicinity — whether Iris likes it or not.

Frank: A dog.

Dawn and Dylan: A pair of free-thinking youths with whom Herne spent a great deal of his time in the 1970s. Two of the very few humans fully aware of Herne's godlike nature, but generally fairly unimpressed by it. Or perhaps just too stoned to think particularly hard about it.

Dr. Armitage: A librarian in Massachusetts and long-time friend of Herne's. His actual duties are unclear to most, as he rarely interacts with the patrons of his library, but he seems to keep a lot of keys with him. "Dr. Armitage" is almost certainly a pseudonym.


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