Friday, February 8, 2019

(50% of) Owl's Flower Is Coming to ODUCon!

Will you be in Hampton Roads this weekend? Do you like Owl's Flower and/or wish you could get your own spin on your favorite genre out in the world? Kara will be at ODUCon talking about—among other things—how we did it!

In the past, we've done very technical panels on how to get your own books out there if you want to have your own store front and maintain your own pricing. But this time, Kara's veering more toward the creative side of it. She'll be hosting an informal chat on how Owl's Flower came to be, what we do to make sure we're always putting out the kind of stories we want to, and how you can get yourself there.

The panel will take place Sunday at 2pm in the event's Panel Room. We're keeping this largely informal and conversational, so bring your ideas and your thoughts!

Kara will also be stopping in for panels on Bandersnatch and romance in anime, as well as tonight's Friday Night Fanfiction panel. (Note: FNF is 18+, and for good reason.) Hope to see some of you around this weekend!


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