Friday, October 27, 2017

It's almost Halloween -- have you tried GHOST FALL?

Pardon us for, you know, talking up our own books on our book website -- but really, have you read Ghost Fall yet? Because it's almost Halloween and, well, it's a Halloween book.

While the series-titled first book will always stay free, we do ask for at least a small donation in order to download the second book. But we like to think it packs a punch, especially at this time of year. What can readers expect from Ghost Fall?

A Ghost Story. And it's super spooky. What happens when a demigod is scared out of his own home? And what's scary enough to do that?

Owls in hats. See above. Also super spooky.

Stormy as a zombie barista. Yeah, that's a late-book spoiler, but it's not going to wreck the plot at all. She makes an awesome zombie barista.

The arrival of a new deity. Of course Herne isn't the only non-human you'll see. Not by a long shot. This is just the first of a growing pantheon. But you'll have to read and discover who it is.

Coffee and cookies. Naturally.

For all of the above and more, including tons of full-color art, grab Ghost Fall now, either digital or in print.

Friday, October 20, 2017

CREATOR UPDATE: Inktober and Over the Rainbow!

If you're not already following Ginger for Inktober, you definitely might want to. She's turning out lots of adorable pics this year, especially of interest to Doctor Who fans! You can find her on Twitter as @Kataoi, or on Instagram as @randomthunk.

Meanwhile, the Audio Verse Awards are coming, and Kara's a semifinalist in two categories for her work in The Chronicles of Oz! Voting is open to the public until October 30th at 11:59 PM. So if you want to help, why not throw her some votes? While you're there, consider tossing some votes in for the other Chronicles of Oz nominees, and maybe a few for Strangeness in Space, Sophie Aldred's new comedy podcast!

And if you'd like to listen before you vote (understandable), all six episodes are on YouTube.

Thanks as always for your continued support -- and if you haven't picked up Ghost Fall yet, be sure to grab it soon! It's not going anywhere, but it's kind of a Halloween book so it'll totally set the mood.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Have You Met Old Father Thames?

Kara has.

This Poseidon-y statue stands at the top of a hotel overlooking Trinity Square, which contains a series of monuments honoring British soldiers who were lost at sea in both Great Wars. And if you go down into a little alcove, there are even more plaques, flanked by decidedly aquatic-looking deities.

"Old Father Thames" is a long-running figure in England, a genius loci (spirit of a place) -- same as Herne! Except, well -- the Thames is very real (unlike William's Grove), and Father Thames's legend exists in statues and poetry and a series of books by Ben Aaronovich. He even showed up in political cartoons addressing the heavy pollution of the river in centuries past.

But like (and before) Herne, Father Thames sees to have received his share of offerings. If you go to the British Museum, you can see shields, ornaments, and more thrown into the river, supposedly in offering to the spirit. Slightly higher caliber than our resident demigod... then again, Father Thames is big news.

If you're ever in London and want to see him for yourself, all you have to do is take the underground to the Tower Hill tube station, exit toward the Tower of London, and turn right. Go through the gate into Trinity Square, and you'll catch sight of the statue in his alcove over the hotel.

Of course, this begs the question: will he be showing up in the future of Owl's Flower? We can't confirm or deny anything... but he certainly left an impression on Kara during her trip.