Friday, April 26, 2019

The Owl's Flower Tour Continues: We're Going to London!

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Long-time readers and followers of our social media know that Kara tends to go to the UK every year or two. It's about that time again... and this time, Ginger is going with her!

This will be Ginger's first time going, so Kara gets to play tour guide. We've got a few things in mind for what we want to see and do. It'll be about a week, and if we see things relevant to the OF-verse or things that we think our readers might like, we'll be sure to drop them to social media.

More on that later — in the meantime, keep an eye out for more Unearthed news (including a sneak peek of the new art for "Kill the Cat") and further progress on our end. And if you're UK-side, let us know what cool things Ginger needs to see to make the most of her week abroad!

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Creator Weekly Wrap-Up: Get in on MOON MAN!

So what have we been up to? A lot, as usual! We're hoping to have more news on the third Owl's Flower one this particular phase of our work is up, but for now, we'd love it if you'd take a look at Moon Man.

Moon Man is Ginger Hoesly's second charity zine via RaThZEm. Her first, The Hybrid, raised $2,000 for One to One Children's Fund, as you may recall. This one is slightly different from your usual zine. Rather than being about a single show or character, it traces the career of Peter Capaldi in images, from Local Hero all the way up to the music video "Someone You Loved."

More than two dozen artists have contributed to the zine, including Ginger herself. Also present are Sophie Iles, Raine Szramski, and many others active online and in the fandom. Plus, Kara Dennison has penned a new Doctor Who story with multiple routes and endings! Take the Twelfth Doctor and Clara on a journey through time and space that you steer. Which ending will you get?

There's also optional swag that you can pick up alone or with a zine. The bundle includes pinback buttons, a bookmark, prints, charms, and stickers. When the merch bundle hits 50 orders, everyone who's ordered will get an enamel pin as well! There's also a sweet shirt you can get separately.

All proceeds will be donated to the Glasgow School of Art, Capaldi's alma mater!

The pre-order period is almost over, so get yours while you can. After pre-orders are closed, the money goes off to GSofA and that's it. Do not live with regrets — support artists, celebrate an awesome actor's career, and get some sweet merch!

Visit to put your order in!