Friday, May 31, 2019

It's Here! Meet New Gods and Humans in the UNEARTHED Anthology

It's here! After months of planning, writing, drawing, editing, printing, and unexpected gallbladder surgery, Unearthed has arrived to wreak havoc on unsuspecting readers. Or, well, hopefully not havoc. We'd like you to enjoy it.

The anthology is edited by Kara, featuring cover art by Ginger. Two more artists and eleven more writers are inside, totaling up to 12 new illustrated pieces of fiction. Keith R.A. DeCandido continues the adventures of Cassie Zukav, John Peel spins a tale of resurrectionists and vampires, and... as promised... there's a new Owl's Flower story!

"Kill the Cat" was written by Kara and illustrated by Ginger, as mentioned before. Like "Clarity," featured in the anthology Relics, it won't be necessary reading for the Owl's Flower main line series. It does, however, give you a look at a new character joining the main cast in the very near future — and features a cameo from a popular character in Book 2!

Head on over to the Altrix Books shop to get your copy, in paperback or ebook format. Proceeds go to the American Research Center in Egypt, so let's help them make some extra funds to educate future ancient scholars and archaeologists!