Friday, January 26, 2018

How to Throw THE BEST Superb Owl Party!

Want to celebrate on the big night but don't know a damn thing about football? That's okay! We're here to help you throw the perfect Superb Owl party -- Owl's Flower style!

After all, who better to give party tips than a cafe owner?

Here's everything you'll need to celebrate the superbest of owls. (Just... don't tell Dumb Baby the party isn't actually for him.)

1. Snackies

The rule of any party at Owl's Flower or in the Faulkner household is that the only food "theme" is "good." If the food is good, it can be served. If you can make it cute? Even better.

Herne's personal favorite is the shop's specialty honey cookies. And if you want to try them, fortunately there's a recipe in the back of the first book -- which you can download free, by the way!

Don't forget some chips and dip (or salsa/queso if Frank is nosing in -- medium spicy, please), soda, and a coffee and tea bar!

2. Entertainment

Since there's no sports on, you'll need something in the background. Iris has run some commercials on Managlitch City Underground, if you're looking for some sci-fi style listening. If you want an authentic night in like Herne and Iris, though, get on your streaming site of choice and queue up some cooking shows!

3. Guests

If you run with a nature god, you are almost certain to get some interesting visitors. Expect shapeshifters, ghosts, demons, and maybe even an historical figure or two.

Want to keep a tighter rein on the guest list? Consider looking up the Dipsy Toads and Fleet Birds of Transfiguring Adoption's Magical Creatures list! Many are lovely friends who'll help you and your kids have sweet dreams or light up the party. But some are more mischievous, so be careful!

(Additionally, these sweet creatures are a wonderful way for parents of adopted children to bond with their kids over the Harry Potter books -- so party or no party, you might want to invite some over.)

4. Dealing with Uninvited Guests

If you're throwing an awesome party, you're almost certainly going to get gate-crashers... especially considering the company that demigods keep. For a fast lesson in how to keep ghosts off your lawn, look no further than Iris in Book 2, Ghost Fall. She'll help you clear the intruders out before the food gets cold!

We hope you have fun next weekend, whether your night is Super, Superb, or Chill.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Get Your Owl Fix at (Re)Gen 4!

If you're waiting from some more hoots from Ginger's pen (and trust us, we both are), you're in luck! (Re)Generation Who has just premiered its 2018 VIP shirt, available as part of a VIP Tier 2 purchase.

The shirt features owl reimaginings of the First and Twelfth Doctors -- commemorating Twice Upon a Time, representing our guests from both Hartnell and Capaldi eras, and reminding us all that (Re)Gen is the convention for every generation.

Ginger is still working away on our regular con shirt and VIP Tier 1 art print -- but you can check out the shirt right now! While you're there, why not register for the event? We'll both be there, along with amazing guests from the world of Doctor Who, including some of our favorite writer and actor types!

Friday, January 5, 2018


We've been pretty quiet on our blog over the back half of 2017 -- and that's because both of us have been super busy. Work, freelancing, OF itself, and of course conventions.

So what's up for 2018?

ODU Mini-Con: Kara will be heading out to Norfolk (and hopefully not getting a stomach bug on the day of the event!) this February to talk industry work, writing, and more. If you're in Virginia, come hang!

(Re)Generation Who: We're back for 2018! Ginger is currently working away on the shirt designs for the year, and you'll be able to see both of us at the event. Registration is still open!

PotterVerse: Yep, it's back! This year, it's in August. And, of course, we're both working away for it. Speaking of graphic design. Reg has just opened, so why not be an early adopter?

Book 3: Book 3? Book 3! We're meeting a few work deadlines, but the writing part is very nearly done. So expect to receive more updates about our third volume, featuring some new neighbors to the coffee shop and a very odd kid.

As for the rest of the year... well, we're still figuring things out! Our social media will get more and more active as we clear out our to-do lists, and you can expect more from us as things kick into gear. Right now, we're both under a bit of snow, so expect a bit of slowness as we try to thaw out.

Thanks as ever for all your support!