Friday, July 27, 2018

Clarity Has Arrived!

We've teased it, we've chatted about it, and we've asked you to keep your eyes peeled... but now it's here! You can buy Relics, including the new Owl's Flower story "Clarity," right now from Red Ted Books!

It's the first time Owl's Flower has gone afield from the main light novel series, but it won't be the last. Nothing published outside the primary book series will ever be required for understanding or following the story... but we have a feeling you'll enjoy this look into a slightly different side of the story's world.

Pick it up now and enjoy... there's tons of other fun stories in the anthology, encapsulating different views of the life of immortals.

More news is coming soon concerning books you can hold in your hand... stay tuned!

Friday, July 6, 2018

State of the Hoots: Owl's Flower 3 and 4

As you can probably tell from our previous posts and social media, it's a whirlwind over here. Ginger and Kara are both finishing off work on other books, and starting work on a new zine. But that leaves the big question:

Where is Owl's Flower 3???

The short answer: in Kara's Dropbox, awaiting the last chapter and a half. Basically, she's to the Good Bit, and once that's wrapped, it goes along to Ginger. And then she works her artistic magic, and we leave her alone for that because art is hard and takes time and frankly we have no idea how she does it.

As for the future of Owl's Flower, avid listeners of fiction podcasts may have heard tell of what the fourth book's plot will entail. Future books are going to involve more explorations of mythology and world religion. In fact, the third book will do the same, so part of getting it to press will probably include some end notes.

In the meantime, we'll both be sharing some other related work. Relics with its stand-alone OF-verse short story is on the horizon, as is another book on which Ginger and Kara both worked. Stay tuned!