Friday, February 23, 2018

(Re)Gen Prep Continues: Cute Pins and Self-Publishing Panel!

Yikes, it's a month to the con!

That's okay. We're fine. Totally. Not panicking at all.

In fact, Ginger has launched this absolutely adorable 12th Doctor enamel pin. It's already being picked up by fans coming to the event, but you don't have to go to (Re)Gen to get yours!

If you want it shipped to you, head to her Etsy.
If you want to pick it up at con, head to her Storenvy.

Meanwhile, it's been confirmed that we will be running our self-publishing panel from PotterVerse again at (Re)Gen! We don't have a day or time yet, but when the schedule goes live we'll let everyone know.

Haven't registered for (Re)Generation Who yet? Ya might want to get on that! A full weekend pass is $90 (yes, that's it -- no upcharge to get into panels, just pay for your photos and autographs!), and Peter Capaldi will be there! As will Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Michelle Gomez, Rachel Talalay, Robert Shearman, Paul Magrs, and waaaaay too many more to name.

Ginger also designed the con's shirts, and Kara will be running interviews. So you'll be able to see us both there!

Friday, February 16, 2018

A Post-Valentine Update. Because We Love You.

All is not as silent on the Owl's Flower front as it seems. Ginger is working away at her day job while branding the entirety of a con, while Kara runs social media for said con and attempts to finish a couple of books whose deadlines are... flexible at this point.

We have been meeting and chatting about book 3, which is still in progress with a first written draft nearly done. It is, appropriately enough, a Valentine's Day book. It's also the first time you'll see other cultures begin to seep into our work, as we integrate mythologies from around the world into our weird little pantheon.

Who will you see? Well, we don't want to give away too much, but we dip a bit into Kara's own home culture of the Mediterranean, as well as some very interesting Asian spirits. Once the book comes out, we'll see if you can guess early on who they are and why they're there!

In the meantime, (Re)Generation Who is right around the corner, and we're both working away. Ginger's designing amazing merch for the VIP tiers as well as knocking out ads to attempt to stay in line with Facebook's ever-changing standards. And Kara is prepping for interviews while keeping the social media rolling. And it looks like we'll be doing our self-publishing panel again -- so if you missed us at PotterVerse, you'll have another chance!

Stay tuned for more updates!

Friday, February 9, 2018

Owl's Flower Invades ODU Minicon!

If you're in the Hampton Roads area this weekend and have some time to spare, come down to ODU Minicon! This time, Kara won't get the flu and have to bow out the morning of the event!

ODU Minicon is three days of geeky panels and events with an educational bent. It includes karaoke, a cosplay contest, a game tournament, and an anime video room.

Kara will be on hand to do three panels: one on understanding Doctor Who as a non-sci-fi series, one on the history of magical girl anime (which went over well at Anime Mid-Atlantic), and another on how to break into the anime industry.

She'll also be sitting in with Friday Night Fanfiction on (surprise) Friday night.

Kara will not be at the event on Sunday, as she is taking off to Richmond to go see Mazinger Z/Infinity like a total weeb.

It all kicks off tonight at 6 pm. Check out their Facebook page for more info and to RSVP!