Friday, September 28, 2018

Checking in on an old friend.

We are heckin' busy bees over here, what with Ginger's zine and book 3 in the illustration phase and Kara going to Illinois later this month to hang out. But we still want to make sure to take time to tell you what's going on both in our own careers and the Owl's Flower world, even between books.

This week, we wanted to throw you a shout about Discover Teas, run by two very good friends of ours and also very relevant to Owl's Flower in general. Once a brick-and-mortar store, Discover Teas has gone fully e-commerce. We miss the cozy shop, of course, but we still love the personal blends and the fact that they both ship and have drop-off locations for locals.

So why are they relevant to us? You know, besides the run-by-our-friends part? Well, if you were at our Book 1 launch party a while back, you may remember some frankly fantastic tea blends we both served at the party and gave away as a door prize. Both of those teas were created specifically for us by the shop!

If you are in the market for some good tea — herbal, black, green, or whatever you prefer — hit up the Discover Teas website. The "Owl's Flower" and "Stormy" blends are in Kara's file, and at a later date we'll figure out a way for you to request them easily if you're in the mood. But be sure to check out their website in the meantime and find something you like!

Thursday, September 13, 2018


She rides!

The Hybrid, headed by our own Ginger Hoesly, is now available for preorder. The Doctor Who zine features work from more than two dozen creators, both writers and artists, highlighting the Twelfth Doctor and Clara from Series 8 and 9.

Included in the mix are Owl's Flower co-creator Kara Dennison, Altrix Books co-founder and Seasons of War: Gallifrey co-writer Paul Driscoll, and R5 Central boss Mike Dent. You'll also see work from creators featured at SDCC, the Doctor Who World Tour, and beyond.

Proceeds go to One to One Children's Fund, so it's great content for a good cause!

And it wouldn't be a zine without merch. At present, the zine and merch bundle includes a physical copy of the book and three art prints. But as more bundles are bought, more stuff will become available -- including stickers, lanyards, charms, and pins!

And if you're really feeling it, there's the Cloister Bundle: a book, the merch bundle, and an acrylic standee designed by artist Staypee!

Ginger has been working hard on this amazing project, and seeing it come to fruition is so exciting for everyone involved. Now, let's raise money for a good cause and get cute stuff in the process!

Preorder The Hybrid!