Friday, February 10, 2017

Creator Weekly Wrap-Up! February 10, 2017

Hey, everyone! We're approaching completion of book 2 (as Kara ticks away at book 3 text). In the meantime, we're going to start doing weekly wrap-ups of what Ginger and Kara both have coming. So if you're a fan of Owl's Flower, check out the creators' other projects and sales!

Ginger is running a sale over at her Etsy! In honor of Peter Capaldi's tenure, she's offering a free print with each purchase of her "Thank God and Scotland for Peter Capaldi" shirt. Some of the arts involve Inktober work and her contributions to the Shut Up and Eat! cookbooks.

She's also got some new Who-ish jewelry, so be sure to check out her latest additions to her shop!

Meanwhile, you can pre-order City of the Saved: Tales of the Civil War -- the latest anthology from the Faction Paradox spinoff -- from Obverse Books. City creator Philip Purser-Hallard scouted an all-female writing team for this short story collection, in which Kara is included.

Thanks for all your support -- if you'd like to help us outside of our Owl's Flower work, be sure to visit Ginger's Patreon and Etsy, and Kara's orphaned projects page!


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