Friday, March 17, 2017

Creator Weekly Wrap-Up! ~ March 17, 2017

This time next week, we'll both be at (Re)Generation Who in Baltimore! Where can you find us? Ginger will be working the merch table, and Kara will be running interviews and panels all around the con! If you spot us, come say hi!

Now, on to the stuff.

Travel on over to the (Re)Gen blog to check out the cool cosplay badges for sale! (There are lots more than these available, we just don't want to bog down this entry too much.) Badges with a blue dot were drawn by Ginger, and anything that's not redded out is still for sale. Want a jolly 11? A sweet Jo Grant? A pensive Clara? (Wait, Clara's already sold.) Any that haven't been sold before the con will be available on site, but you might want to grab what you can!

Meanwhile, a piece of Kara's flash fiction was short-listed for inclusion in Here Comes Everyone. You can read it online right here!

And speaking of reading online, Kara is now officially a regular blogger for Viewster! Check out her news feed for daily posts on anime, manga, and Japanese culture.

We'll do our best to have a post up on time next week... but we may well be swamped with work. Either way, see you soon!


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