Friday, May 26, 2017

The Triumphant Return!

Happy Friday yet again! Kara has returned safely from Illinois, Ginger is... still in Illinois... and we're back to work! If you want to keep tabs on the various things our creators got up to, check out Kara's blog. She's doing a series of posts on her trips to theme parks, baseball games, and everything else the Chicago area had to offer.

But let's talk a little bit about some more series-related stuff for now.

For starters, here's Kara with the paperback of our first book! Print editions have gone out to those who have preordered, and you can still get copies if you'd like. You can always download the free ebook version... but boy, these sure are pretty in tangible form.

Sadly, Kara's phone was a jerk, so we didn't get as many videos as we wanted. We did get some, which are currently on Ginger's computer, and which Kara will edit and share over the next few weeks as they come in. There's some fun talk on our process, upcoming books, and a little of what we got up to while we were together.

Among our adventures was a trip to Phillips Park Zoo. It's small compared to other zoos, but it's free to visit and to park. There's a reptile house, some local critters, and -- of interest to us -- several owls! It was rainy when we went out, so most of the animals were hiding, but we did get to see a few dumb babies while we were there. If you're ever in the area, go visit!

We're nearing readiness on Book 2, so stay tuned for some sneak previews, some chat about what to expect, and more! For now... Kara's going to finish catching up on her sleep.


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