Friday, July 28, 2017

CREATOR UPDATE: The Beauty of the "Ghost Fall" Books!

As some of you may be gathering as you open your mail over the next week or so, the print edition of Ghost Fall is here and ready to roll out! (And, in some cases, already rolling out.) We were fortunate to find an amazing publisher who gave us the quality we wanted at a price we could handle for our first run... meaning you guys get beautiful print copies in your hot little hands.

So if you saw the ebook up for sale and decided to wait for print -- wait no longer. Hop over to our Storenvy and pick it up for $12! A shiny, happy deal for all. The best part... Ginger doesn't have to hand-assemble and toast our books anymore, which means more time making awesome things for you.

Don't forget, you can still get the ebook edition for the price of a coffee (or more, if you're feeling generous) -- as well as the first ebook free -- here on the website. And don't forget to spread the word to book-loving friends!


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