Friday, September 1, 2017

CREATOR UPDATE: PotterVerse Panels and Seasons of War!

It's a busy time at the Owl's Flower office! (Offices?) Kara's just come back from the first Crunchyroll Expo, and we're both preparing to head out to the very first PotterVerse next week! You still have a limited time to grab early registration, and you might want to -- we hear it's filling up fast!

September 9 at 5 pm in Panels Room 2, we'll be doing a panel about self-publishing from the ground up: how to format, print, code, and market your book without a middleman. And we'll have some handy handouts with this adorable collab art featuring Iris, Stormy, Dumb Baby, and the return of THE HAT! We'll also be appearing with our buddy John Peel at the 3 pm World-Building panel that same day.

You'll also be able to spot us throughout the weekend elsewhere. Ginger will be working the merch booth (where she'll be selling those sweet shirts she designed), and Kara will be conducting interviews on the mainstage with our awesome guests! We'll probably also be at the bar at some point.

RSVP here on Facebook if you're interested in going. (Remember, this does require PotterVerse admission.)

Oh right. And then there's that Doctor Who book.

Early next year, the Seasons of War line will be releasing Gallifrey, a novella co-written by Kara with author Paul Driscoll. The story takes place during the Time War and features four new characters -- a soldier, an Academy student, a senator, and a dissenter -- as the War changes and pulls apart their lives.

The sharp-eyed among you will notice Ginger's handiwork on the cover! The finished product might change over time, but this amazing circular work will be staying as you see it.

You can preorder now:
In the UK
Outside the UK

And the more you order, the more panicked Kara will get about finishing her part of it! So light a fire under her!

See you next Friday at PotterVerse!


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