Friday, December 8, 2017

FROM THE CREATORS: How to Support Us Since Patreon Is a Garbage Fire

As some of you may have noticed if you follow either of our personal Twitters or exist online at all, Patreon has made some rather unfortunate decisions concerning how to charge, how to present that info to the public, and what to say to the public in general. If you've not been following along, the short version is that processing fees are now taken not out of each creator's monthly take, but rather added to each patron's fee on top of their pledge. This is bad news for people who are already scraping to give (especially those giving a dollar here and there to many creators), and even worse news for creators whose big money comes from those single-digit pledges.

The good news for us is that Patreon was never our primary (or even secondary) source of income, so cutting free took basically no thinking.

It's also giving us each a chance to explore alternate ways to let fans support us. And since Ko-fi has worked well as a way to gather payment for ebooks, we're each giving it a try!

Things are still warming up, but we're consulting each other on how to make it roll. Obviously you can drop us the price of a coffee (or tea) anytime, but we'll also be coming up with "gift baskets" of monthly goodies that you get just for dropping some cash. And since they'll change out on a regular basis, there's always a reason to come back!

Ginger's Ko-fi currently offers artwork for anyone who gives over $12 at a go. In the near future she'll also be offering digital art goodies.

Kara's Ko-fi is available to donate to, but it'll still be a bit before anything kicks off. (She has to finish setting up!) The price of a tea will eventually get you a month gift pack of original fiction, essays on the psychology of TV shows and video games, and a few more surprises.

Oh, and whenever there's a big Owl's Flower event coming, like a book or a con appearance, you might want to keep an eye on both our Ko-fi pages -- as giving to both of us during that time might earn you something extra cool!

Thanks for all your continued support!


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