Thursday, April 26, 2018

CREATORS UPDATE: Summer Prep and Stories in the Works

Happy Friday, readers! Spring is in the air, and we're both getting hit hard with allergies. (Well, Ginger less than Kara -- the mighty artist hand is off on a trip out of state with friends.)

We're closing out a few big projects leading into summer, and we're looking forward to sharing some cool stuff with you coming soon... one being an Owl's Flower short story in another anthology!

Relics will contain stories about immortals from all different backgrounds... and Owl's Flower fans will get a kick out of "Clarity," a new creation that traces the birth of a brand-new deity and how she finds her purpose. You may see a familiar face or two in the story, too!

Relics is set to come out early this autumn. We'll keep everyone posted with more info on its release and where you can get copies.

Meanwhile, summer trip plans are still underway. We can't say much more than that (since we don't actually know at this point!), but we're looking forward to a fun few days of creativity, good food, and roller coasters.


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