Friday, August 17, 2018

CREATOR WEEKLY WRAP-UP: Seasons of War, Unearthed, and Gear Drive

Hello, readers! Work continues on Book 3 (seems like we're saying that a lot, but having jobs outside of the light novels means you can't spend all your time on just those), and we've got a few other things to check out in the meantime:

If you've not already grabbed your copy of Seasons of War: Gallifrey, be sure to grab it while you can! The book is a charity novel dealing with a hidden side of the Time War, co-written by Paul Driscoll and Kara. The amazing cover was created by Ginger. You can get print or digital copies, and proceeds will go to Caudwell Children!

Speaking of Altrix Books, we're currently going through the submissions sent in for Unearthed, an upcoming charity anthology that both Kara and Ginger are working on. There will be another Owl's Flower short story in it, too!

And finally... if you're a light novel lover, be sure to go check out Gear Drive on J-Novel Club! (Note: you will need a JNC subscription to read the full book.) Kara is serving as editor on this series, about a girl named Anti Kythera who uses all sorts of crazy gear magic. Volume 1 is drawing to a close soon!


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