Friday, October 5, 2018

Behind the Light Novel: An "Interview" with Herne

As we work behind the scenes to pull book 3 (and other related) projects together, we don't want to leave potential new readers in the lurch. While our first book will always be free for digital download, we also know not everyone has the time to jump in and read an entire book (although, as with many light novels, Owl's Flower volumes can be read and enjoyed in an afternoon).

So in the meantime, we thought we'd pull a gimmick- er, chat with our characters so you can get to know them! For the next handful of Fridays, we'll be running short "interviews" with our main cast so you can get to know them... and maybe get interested in a new read.

First up for this week is the Forest King himself, the Owl in Owl's Flower, Herne.

Q: So what exactly does being a "forest king" entail? Do you have subjects? Do you wear a crown?

A: Oh, the whole "forest king" title is actually from an old local legend. It's not actually, you know, what I do. I tend to go with "demigod" or "nature god" by way of explanation, but that's even a little too grand. I think the Romans had a term for it? Genius loci? The spirit of a place. My "place" is William's Grove, and my job is monitoring the interaction between nature and the people who moved here.

Q: What about the people who lived here before the settlers?

A: They have their own team to handle their own unique concerns. We have occasional crossover, but it's pretty rare. And that team is a lot more experienced than me, since they've been here a lot longer.

Q: So you're not, like, eternally old?

A: Did Stormy ask you to ask that?

Q: Maybe a better question would be, since you're a spirit of the land, shouldn't you be as old as the land?

A: You'd think, but I'm specifically a spirit of the interfacing between a certain community of people and the land. Which means I'm only 400 or so years old.

Q: That's... awfully complicated and specific.

A: That tends to be how it works. There's a specific god for hospital beepers.

Q: So how the heck did you end up going from being a nature god to working at a coffee shop?

A: Well... see... coffee is good.

Q: ... that's the only reason?

A: Oh, no. That's more a perk than a reason. I'm there for Iris. It's her business.

Q: Your girlfriend?

A: Yeah, she is, isn't she?... Sorry, still just kind of wrapping my head around that.

Q: You've been dating for almost an entire year and live with her.

A: Still doesn't mean I completely register the whole situation all the time. Remember, I lived alone in a tree for a pretty long time.

Q: How does a relationship between a human and a deity work? Aren't there, like, laws or prophecies or warnings?

A: Not really, no. The only real negative to it is that immortals tend to think mortals are inferior so it's considered "dating down." That doesn't mean it's never happened before, it just means some people really dislike it on a personal basis.

Q: But what about between the two of you? Are there ever any misunderstandings? Things you can't tell her because of what you are?

A: Oh, no. She knows pretty much everything about me worth telling. We've worked past the whole "sleeping schedules" thing, too. At this point she just doesn't handle it well when I turn into an owl and hide around the house.

Q: You... what?

A: It's a nervous reflex. I'm working on it.

Q: Okay, a few more basic questions. Three things you like, three you dislike.

A: I like cookies, coffee, and... er... Iris. I dislike being bored, being lied to, and black licorice.

Q: Favorite season?

A: Oh, come on. That's like asking me to pick my favorite kid.

Q: That's fair. Favorite holiday, then.

A: I'm learning more about Christmas lately, actually. I like the whole gift-giving process. And Christmas trees are a really neat idea, too.

Q: Last question: what can we look forward to in the third book?

A: Hmm. Well, it's Iris's and my first Valentine's Day together, and pretty much everything that entails, considering I've never celebrated a modern Valentine's Day. Going into much more detail than that would be... um... a little personal.


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