Behind the Scenes

Owl's Flower is a light novel series written by Kara Dennison and illustrated by Ginger Hoesly, with recipes included in each volume by Angela Pritchett.

Treading the line between romance and paranormal fantasy, Owl's Flower aims to be a more grown-up approach to the genre. It deliberately veers away from teenage romance in favor of adult characters... and while drama makes for a good story, it's important to us that we depict a positive relationship in a genre where such a thing is often lacking.

The books draw from many religious and mythological traditions. You'll see deities and creatures from Europe, Russia, Asia, the Americas, and other fictional works. While we do mix and match traditions, the ones we use do tend to stay true to their origins.

The idea for the book stemmed from a concept that was initially to be used in, oddly enough, a were-animal erotica anthology Kara was invited to submit to. The short story was initially going to span the meeting of the characters that would become Herne and Iris, and end showing them being in a comfortable relationship. But the more Kara and Ginger discussed it, the larger the story and setting grew, and Kara eventually bowed out of the anthology in favor of collaborating with Ginger and turning it into a light novel series.

Owl's Flower will make its debut at Intervention 7 in Rockville, MD.


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