Book 2 - Ghost Fall

There are two major misconceptions about ghosts. The first is that they don't exist – they do. You've seen them out the corner of your eye in the movie theater parking lot, heard them echo your thoughts in a voice that doesn't quite match your internal monologue, felt them urge you away from their favorite spot so they can enjoy it in peace.

The second is an unspoken one, but one that seems to accompany any mention of ghosts, spirits, or incorporeal beings: the idea that they are “good” or “evil” simply because of what they are. Ghosts aren't wicked because they're ghosts, nor do spirits become benevolent because they have “crossed over.” They are as they were in life – just under a bit more pressure.

Imagine being in an airport lobby, having just been told you've missed your flight and your luggage has gone on ahead of you. Now imagine that every crew member you try to talk to ignores you, and as soon as you find one who's willing to help, they're accused of being insane and get fired. That is what it is to be a ghost... and, not coincidentally, why ghosts tend to be depicted as loud and somewhat needy.

It's Halloween in William's Grove, and usually for Owl's Flower that means nothing more strenuous than light decorating and rolling out the pumpkin spice lattes. But this year, Iris has bigger problems on her hands when her boyfriend Herne is terrorized out of his own forest... by two ghosts claiming he's a murderer.

Herne has no recollection of deaths in his forest, but the ghosts say differently. It's not long before Iris's wish for her boyfriend to move in with her is granted, albeit under duress. But the differences between the two become progressively more acute as he tries to protect her from the more dangerous parts of his work.

But Iris is having none of it. She knows the man she loves isn't a murderer — even an accidental one — and sets out to prove his innocence and clear his forest of its interlopers.

Ghost Fall is the second book of the series, preceded by Owl's Flower.

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