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1. Owl's Flower: Iris Faulkner is the owner of Owl's Flower, a small cafe in the center of William's Grove. Her life is a mix of work, marathoning cooking shows, and caring for a neighbor's three cats... until the day Herne walks into her shop. The first book of the Owl's Flower series.
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2. Ghost Fall: It's Halloween in William's Grove, and usually for Owl's Flower that means nothing more strenuous than light decorating and rolling out the pumpkin spice lattes. But this year, Iris has bigger problems on her hands when her boyfriend Herne is terrorized out of his own forest... by two ghosts claiming he's a murderer. 
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Stories from the world of Owl's Flower occasionally appear in anthologies out in the wild! Check out these editions for more stories of gods and humans from William's Grove and beyond, as well as more stories by other talented authors!

The stories in these anthologies are, unless otherwise noted, penned by Kara Dennison and beta'd by Ginger Hoesly. While they are canon in the world of Owl's Flower, they aren't necessary for following the main storyline. But you may see some of these characters show up in the light novels later on!

Relics: A collection of stories of immortals from all walks of life. Is life unending a blessing or a curse?

"Clarity" traces the origins of Clare, a new-born deity searching for purpose in New York City. All she wants is to bring people together, but a mysterious tutor believes she may have a higher calling.


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