Friday, April 14, 2017

Creator Weekly Wrap-Up! ~ April 14, 2017

Welcome back! Just a few notes before we get on to the announcements.

First, those of you waiting for print copies of book 1, we remember you! The books are being assembled this weekend, and we'll put out social media alerts when they're ordered. Remember you can still get the first ebook free, but if you really like it and want a hard copy, paperbacks are available for $10!

Now, on to the individual news.

First, Series 10 of Doctor Who starts tomorrow, so it's a great time to remind you that Ginger has some amazing Twelfth Doctor stuff in her Etsy shop. Ride out this final season of Capaldi (ouch...) with us and pick up shirts, prints, charms, and more!

If you prefer Redbubble, she's got things on there, too! Check out her shop for phone cases, travel mugs, notebooks, and more!

If you like seeing Kara write about weird magical trees, hop on over to Rooted, where you can read a free essay on the trees of Avebury. The site has a lot of other creative nonfiction about trees and our relationship to them -- which is perfect for an Owl's Flower fan!

And if you're an anime nerd, go check out The Hook, Kara's new weekly feature on Crunchyroll where she previews the first episodes of two new anime and tells you what will make them grab you.

That's all for now... except to say that Book 2 is nearing completion! So expect to see some previews for it in the near future!


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