Friday, April 28, 2017

Creator Weekly Wrap-Up! ~ April 28, 2016

Welcome back! This has been a busy week for both of us, both in terms of book stuff and in terms of other projects. Let's see what we can lay out.

First off, Ginger has been working away at binding physical copies of the first book! (That's right, our self-publishing is so "self," we even put the books together in-house!) Keep an eye on our social media for when preorders will be going out.

Fans of the Twelfth Doctor, go check out Ginger's latest T-shirt, inspired by Bill's rather apt description of the Doctor. You can buy it from her Etsy shop!

Starting today, Kara will be at RavenCon in Williamsburg, VA! She won't be doing any panels or interviews, as she's busy both running the Artist/Author Alley and staffing the Onezumi Events table. But she'll have some cute Owl's Flower postcards, so come pick one up if you see her!

And speaking of Onezumi Events, Ginger and Kara are working together with con chair Oni Hartstein on rebranding for PotterVerse, the company's upcoming Harry Potter convention! (Well, Ginger is doing most of the work; Kara is offering vague guidance here and there.) Guests announced so far include Miriam Margolyes, Chris Rankin, and Adrian Rawlins, with more to come!

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend -- check back soon for more news!


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