Monday, June 19, 2017

GHOST FALL COUNTDOWN: Interview with Herne and Iris

Tomorrow's the big day! Ghost Fall, the second book in the Owl's Flower light novel series, goes on sale tomorrow for pay-what-you-want. If you're new to the series, you can grab the first book free right here.

We were struggling to decide what we should do for the final day of our countdown. Kara's talked about her experiences writing spooky stories, Ginger's talked about the "before and after" of her life during her time on this book, so what's left? Well, there are two people who haven't had their say yet... our stars, Herne and Iris!

So, to lead in to the new book tomorrow, we had a chat with the couple at the center of it all. Read on to find out more about Ghost Fall and the future of the series!

So, how is the big life change going?

Iris: You mean us dating in general, or Herne moving in specifically?

Herne: What do you mean by that? I'm perfect.

Iris: ... yes, of course you are. So are the feathers I keep finding between the sofa cushions. And in the dishwasher.

Herne: They're perfect, yes.

Iris: So, does that answer your question?

What are the special challenges you encounter sharing a living space with someone so unlike you?

Herne: Well, she sleeps a lot and she's always doing laundry-

Iris: I think they were talking to me.

Herne: How dare.

Do you sleep a lot?

Iris: If I'm lucky, I sleep six hours.

Herne, what is "a lot" to you?

Herne: SIX HOURS!!!

Is it tough for you to be living in a house instead of a tree?

Herne: I thought it might be, but I have constant access to coffee and snacks, so it's great.

Iris: And girlfriend.

Herne: What?

Iris: And constant access to girlfriend.

Herne: Oh, right.

Is he cuddly?

Herne: That's a very personal question!

Iris: Yes, he's very cuddly.

So, moving on... what can you tell us about the events of the second book?

Herne: They happened.

Iris: ... I think they know that. I think they want, like... a teaser or something.

Herne: Oh... I learn to make coffee.

Iris: And there's a lot of spooky stuff, too. Like ghosts. Since it's Halloween.

Herne: And I wear a hat.

Iris: And he wears a hat.

And Herne, we get to meet some of your old friends.

Herne: Yes, we do.

Iris: We do??

Herne: You remember Frank.

Iris: ... oh. Right. Frank.

Herne: And there's someone else, too.

Iris: Wait, there is?

Herne: Well, we don't technically meet him, but he does show up.

Iris: Oh. Nice. Building up a little mystery.

Anything else to say to your readers?

Herne: Come back tomorrow to download Ghost Fall to see what we're talking about.

Iris: It's pay-what-you-want for the ebook, which means you could totally get it for a penny if you want... but you don't want to be that guy, right?

Herne: Uh... she means pay what you think it's worth.

Iris: I know exactly what I mean.

Herne: And if you're new to the series and not sure, then check out the first ebook. It's free.

Iris: And don't forget to stop by my shop for a pick-me-up!

Herne: A pick... up?

Iris: A coffee!

Herne: Oh, yes, please. Two sugar.

Iris: ... *sigh*


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