Thursday, June 22, 2017

SHOP: New Cuteness to Wear! Shirts and a GHOST FALL Print

Thanks to everyone so far who's bought a book -- and to those of you who gave a little extra, you're super awesome! You're why we can keep being creative, making more books, and bringing you more cool stuff!

Speaking of more cool stuff -- Ginger has done this adorable pic in celebration of our second release, featuring Herne, Iris, and Stormy. If you like the art, guess what? You can wear it!

The above art is available on three types of shirts: unisex, women's, and a breezy tank. All three are available in multiple colors (Kara is picking up her smoky women's tee as we speak) to suit your wardrobe! Tees are $25, tanks are $22.

Also available is this gorgeous print of Herne and Iris going for an autumn evening fly, straight out of the second book! It's available in six sizes, ranging from $14-34, and is printed on fingerprint-proof luster photo paper.

Check out our Storenvy to pick up these new goodies, plus shop shirts, cutie shirts and leggings, mugs, and tote bags!

And don't forget to grab our second book for the price of a coffee (or whatever you choose to pay)!

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