Friday, June 22, 2018

The Ginger Has Landed!

This nerd is in Virginia for a week -- and since Kara makes the blog posts, she can say that and use pictures from Ginger's Twitter while doing so!

Since the airport pickup is in the wee hours, this is being written well ahead of schedule to give us both time to come back to the house, crash, and figure out what the hell to do with our time starting this morning.

As mentioned before, we're absolutely hitting up some theme parks. We're also going to -- at Ginger's request -- play some Psychonauts. And at other people's request, we're going to (fingers crossed) be doing a Twitch stream of it. So if you've never met or talked to us in real life and want to know what it's like watching us play a video game, keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter!

Regarding book and other media news, we'll have some fun stuff to tell next week, both with regards to book 3 (if Kara gets her ass in gear) and the short story in the outside anthology (if all goes to plan).

For now, stay tuned, and we'll be back with you once we've both gotten some rest!


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