Friday, June 8, 2018

Who is Clare?

A while back, you may recall we mentioned an upcoming Owl's Flower universe short story in a separate anthology. The story's been written for quite a while, but sadly due to issues outside of our (and the publisher's) control, the anthology had to be back-burnered for a bit.

But we've just found out that the book is on its way in the near future, with a proof copy on its way to the publisher as we speak. So it's a good time to sort of refresh everyone's memories, and build a little hype for the upcoming work.

"Clarity" will be appearing in Relics, a multi-author anthology featuring stories about immortals from all different walks of life. The aim was to create something a little more diverse than typical vampire stories, and so there's a wide variety of concepts from a wide variety of extremely talented authors.

Kara is featured in the book, and given the concept of "immortals," she wanted to reach back into Owl's Flower to explore the structure of its universe. Where do deities come from? Why do they come into being? What's it like being a new god, and how does the "aging process" Herne touched on work?

The main character of "Clarity" is a brand new deity, finding her way in the world as she attempts to discover why she's there. While there are ties back to familiar aspects of the Owl's Flower books, the story doesn't take place in William's Grove and is most definitely not of the "romance" leaning.

Since it's not Owl's Flower unless both Ginger and Kara are involved, Ginger was involved in the writing of "Clarity," and got to vet it before it was sent off for publication. It won't be illustrated in the anthology, but that doesn't mean you won't get to see the characters in Ginger's style eventually.

Stay tuned for more news about the release of Relics, and where you can get your copy when it goes on sale!


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