Thursday, December 27, 2018

10 Questions for Owl's Flower in 2019

A new year is coming, which means new things for Owl's Flower!

Rather than saying specifically what it is you'll be looking forward to and when (largely because we're both on multiple deadlines outside of these books and have to play it by ear), we thought it might be fun to play a bit of a game... that is, give you a few questions to muse on, to which we will give the answers in the materials coming in 2019.

We are looking at having Book 3 and a short story out in the near future. Book 4, we are keeping on a loose schedule for now. But in the next 12 months, expect to find the answers to the following:

1. Are there other ways deities can come to be? We know from "Clarity" and the main book series that gods of various levels can be born out of necessity. But are there any other means of origin? And what does that mean for their standing?

2. Who is the messenger of the gods? At least five of you just guessed incorrectly. Patience. We'll make sure you get a proper introduction.

3. How many fancy cookies can an owl eat before it gives itself a tummyache? Note: we are talking about a shapeshifted deity. Please do not feed owls cookies unless you are absolutely certain they are shapeshifted deities.

4. What does Herne do in winter? There's not a lot of nature to deal with, after all. What takes up his time when the leaves are off the trees and the animals are hibernating?

5. What are Stormy's feelings on Valentine's Day? At least five of you just guessed correctly.

6. How does Iris handle a competing business? This one pretty much speaks for itself.

7. How does the pantheon cope with multiple deities for the same concept? We'll give you a hint: one potential answer is "not always well."

8. What constitutes "worship" for a deity? Like all things, there are some exploitable loopholes...

9. How does Herne's garb look in the winter? We're actually pretty hyped about showing you this one.

10. WHEN CAN I READ BOOK 3??? When it's ready... but we're approaching it.

Additionally, when book 3 comes out, we will be altering how we handle digital sales. They will still be pay what you want, but we're exploring ways to make it more foolproof and flexible for everyone. It will still be via Ko-fi, though. The change will be launched with the launch of book 3.

Next we talk, it'll be 2019. Stay hype, readers!


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