Thursday, December 13, 2018

WE LIVE! The State of the Owl

Hello, all!

There has been, as you may have noticed, A Silence in the Owl's Flower offices. There are reasons all over the place, largely involving work and other projects.

Ginger has been working away on The Hybrid, which surpassed $2,000 in sales—all of which have gone to One to One Children's Fund! Thanks to everyone who pitched in.

If you missed buying or participating in The Hybrid, Ginger is setting up her next charity zine, Moon Man, in the coming weeks. Applications are now open for artists, so be sure to take a look and sign up!

On Kara's side of the situation, it's been slightly less tidy. Between converging deadlines and a nasty cold that overstayed its welcome, she's been juggling and triaging left and right. That's the primary reason for the deadness, as Kara's job is the social side of things.

Fortunately, everything is back on track, and we're both in a situation to bring news.

In February, Kara will be holding an Owl's Flower panel at ODU's college anime con in Virginia, talking about the books themselves as well as what we've learned from self-publishing our own light novel series. More info on that as it approaches.

As mentioned, Ginger will be starting work on Moon Man. We'll both be appearing in a variety of zines and anthologies coming up as well, and will be sure to keep you posted on social media.

As for Owl's Flower 3, it is in Ginger's capable hands. Owl's Flower 4 will be getting outlined between us as soon as Kara finishes writing some other literal books with looming deadlines.

Normal communications will continue from here on out, so please be sure to keep an eye on us here and on our social media!


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