Friday, June 28, 2019

BEHIND THE SCENES: Personal Projects and What's to Come

So as you may have noticed, Owl's Flower 3 is still in the works. There's good and bad to this, of course. The "bad" is obvious—no book yet. But the "good" is for good reasons: both of us actually have a lot of work, and having work and commissions is a good thing. For Kara, it's several writing projects in the works; for Ginger, it's more art and zines on the horizon.

The basics: the book is still in the being-finished stage. In other words, it's more done than not-done. And it will be done, and other books after it. But right now, considering this is a passion project and other projects pay, we can't necessarily afford to shove other projects aside to speed this along. That's not a guilt thing, it's just a fact. (We both have day jobs, too.)

That said, the ability to put a little more focus on the books would be welcome. No, we're not opening a Kickstarter or a Patreon because... eh, we tried those individually and they only go so far depending on the project. But any support we can get will help us lift book 3 off the back burner and justify putting it ahead of other projects. And we want this out as much as the next person.

So what can you do to help us?

Download and review the first book!

We made a conscientious decision to make the first book free so people could know if they wanted more. We've heard good things, but you guys can help spread the word.

If you haven't read the first book, we'd be super pleased if you did. If you have, it'd be a big help if you could review it on GoodReads. Our business model means we aren't available on Amazon, so this is how we get ratings and good words.

All of this costs zero dollars, incidentally—can't beat that for return on investment!

Buy and review the second book!

We're very happy that people cared enough to give Ghost Fall a go when it wasn't a free download, many of you even going above and beyond what we would have charged when we named our price. If you haven't gotten your copy yet, you can do that here... and you can also get a print copy if you prefer that real-book feel.

Again, a GoodReads review is always helpful. Whether you drop stars or words or both, you're helping us out a lot!

Peruse our goods!

Ginger has made some awesome merch, including shirts, prints, mugs and much more. If you like our stuff, consider buying some goods. The proceeds go straight back to us, and will help us be quicker about making a print version of Book 3 when the time comes.

Support our individual projects!

Check out Ginger's Etsy shop where she sells pins, shirts, and lots of other really cool stuff. Doctor Who fans in particular will have fun looking through her goods. 

Kara is currently preparing to send some other projects out to publishers so there's nothing new to promote just yet, but she's always got her Ko-fi open for donations. And anything new from both of us will be announced here and on our social media.

Thanks as always for your support and patience. We look forward to bringing Book 3 together for you sooner rather than later!

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