Friday, December 13, 2019

Herne and Iris's Guide to the Perfect Christmas

Christmas is just a couple weeks away! We're all scrambling to be prepared, find gifts for family and friends, and be good to ourselves in between errands. So how does William's Grove's favorite paranormal romantic couple keep their heads on straight during the holidays? Here are a few tips from Herne and Iris... they may not be applicable for more standard families, but you'll probably find some points of commonality in there somewhere.

1. Always defrost your nature god in the morning. If you're in a region where winters are especially cold, don't fret if your local nature-connected deity is a little chilly first thing. Blankets, heating pads, and a hot beverage of their choice will help thaw them out.

2. You don't have to make Every Cookie. It feels good to bring variety to the table, and baking is super fun. But if you're going to a cookie party, regular party, or just having a friend over, it's okay to stick to one or two types if you're already short on time. Iris has some sweet honey cookies that go over really well with Herne — the recipe is in our first book!

3. Consumable gifts are great gifts. It's nice to give things that last a lifetime, but things you can use up are just as appreciated! Consider gifting a favorite coffee or tea blend, a gift card to their favorite restaurant or shop, or tickets to a show they'd like. (Have we mentioned how great cookies are?)

4. Start a new tradition. Are you accustomed to taking trips out of town on the holidays, but currently dating an immortal demigod who needs to stay close to home to ensure the smooth change of seasons? Try a festive event closer to home! As fun as traditions are, times and people change; and integrating new festivities in with the usual can be just as fun.

5. Take time for yourself. And your loved ones, of course. If getting everything Absolutely Perfect is cutting into the time you actually get to spend with family and friends, it might be time to take a few hours off. Watch some movies, eat some cookies. Eat a lot of cookies.

6. Ghost stories are totally festive. No, really. It used to be much more of a thing. When you're looking for something to do on a dark and chilly evening, share your favorite scary stories with a friend!

7. Remember what comes first. You don't want to be exhausted, angry, or stressed when the big day rolls around; you want to be able to enjoy it. If that means sitting at home with your SO watching Hallmark movies and drinking hot cocoa instead of having an elaborately decorated tree, so be it. If that means buying ready-made dinners instead of working in the kitchen, go for it. What matters is being together in the darkest part of winter and making it a happy time!


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