Thursday, December 19, 2019

RECIPES: Hot Cocoa a la Owl's Flower

It is really cold right now.

Kara's in Virginia, Ginger's in Illinois, and neither is warm. While we have our own preferences when it comes to warm-up drinks (Ginger prefers coffee, Kara prefers tea), we do agree on one thing: hot cocoa. As Ginger pointed out, it's sort of the happy medium between the two.

So while we're trying to regain some body heat, here are a few suggestions for hot cocoa variants you might find at Owl's Flower on cold days.

Herne's Honey Hot Cocoa

opened yellow ceramic jar beside pine cones

We already know from the first book that Herne loves Owl's Flower's specialty honey cookies. Mix in a spoonful of honey and a few drops of vanilla for a sweet variant. Bonus points if you use local honey: save a little for spring to help fight off allergies when the flowers start blooming again!

Gingerbread Hot Cocoa

gingerbread near bowl with liquid

After baking up sheets of gingerbread cookies for the shop, Iris gets a bit of a craving. There are a couple ways to go about this, the easiest being to use store-bought gingerbread spice. Mix a tablespoon per cup into your favorite hot cocoa mix. Alternatively, you can mix up equal parts cinnamon, ginger, and allspice for a do-it-yourself version. A little maple syrup or molasses really makes it work.

Peppermint Mocha

white ceramic mug with chocolate and candy cane

For the nights when you want something seasonal but also want to stay awake a little longer. Instead of water or milk, mix your cocoa of choice with coffee and a dash of milk. Then drop in a mini candy cane and let it melt for an extra dose of Christmas flavor.

Will you be trying any of these? What's your favorite stay-warm drink? You can always chat with us on Facebook and Twitter!


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