Sunday, September 25, 2016

First ebook ~ Final Version Available!

At long last -- after formatting issues and cover redesigns, Book 1 is here in all its glory! You can download it right now absolutely free!

The comments so far have been really really awesome:

'Charming. In every sense of the word.'

‘ I really enjoyed this light novel and was inspired to make some cookies of my own! ♡ I look forward to the further adventures of Iris and Herne and friends!’

‘ There were so many cute & endearing parts. & I loved the feeling of romantic tension between the Herne & Iris. It felt so natural & not forced at all. […] I read a lot of paranormal books (Mercy Thompson, Wicked Lovely, Vampire Academy, Georgina Kincaid, etc) I love how it fits so nicely into the genre, but it’s so different.’

' like what a coincidence that the first time i saw an owl in the wild was the same day as owl’s flower came out?'

Okay that last one isn't a review but we still love it.

Book 2 is written and currently being illustrated, and we spent the day after Intervention plotting out Book 3... and there's much, much more to come. The books after this won't be free, but they will be pay-what-you-want... so we hope that you'll be game for at least throwing a little pocket change our way to see the further adventures of Herne, Iris, Stormy, Mrs. Waters, Frank, Dr. Armitage, Hyacinth, and...

Whoops, getting ahead of ourselves.

Stay tuned for news on physical goods and our Halloween release -- and if you've read our book and enjoyed it, let us know!

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  1. I thought this book was delightful and I enjoyed reading it very much. I look forward to your next one.