Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Iris in Managlitch?

Managlitch City Underground is a sci-fi podcast hosted by Glenn SevenFiftyFive, as he keeps his fellow 'glitchers' apprised of crazy happenings in the City of Accidental Wonders. Though now it's the City of Inconsistent Histories, as season 2 has landed Managlitch in a situation that makes Mandela theorists look tame.

That's not the only weirdness going on, either -- when Glenn switches frequencies, somehow he manages to pick up an ad voiced by Iris Faulkner for a local coffee shop called Owl's Flower!

... though really it's our writer, Kara Dennison (who also voices Artema Sable the demon hunter in Managlitch) and some owl sound effects.

Like the Owl's Flower team, the Managlitch team will be at Intervention 7 later this month in Rockville, MD, where they'll be doing a live recording with audience participation! If you'll be there for our book launch, be sure to stop in on the Managlitch recording, too!


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