Thursday, September 15, 2016

It's almost party time! Sweet treats and a prize package for you!

Kara here -- as I type this, Ginger is finishing out her last day of work before she flies to Maryland, and I'm rushing around because, like a fool, I turned off three alarms in my sleep. The point is, Intervention starts tomorrow, and our big book launch is just two days away! It's this Saturday, 11 AM, in Panel Room 1. See the programming schedule for a map and grid.

We're bringing all sorts of delicious treats to the event -- there will be coffee courtesy of Ginger, as well as two custom teas specially blended by the staff at Discover Teas just for Owl's Flower!

On the left is our Owl's Flower blend: a mix of oolong, sage, and floral notes. Served hot, it's got a comforting, woodsy aroma -- just like walking through the forest in summer.

On the right is our Stormy blend, a mix of cinnamon spice black tea with cherry limeade notes. It will be served cold-brewed with sparkling water to serve as a fizzy, refreshing alternative to soda!

Also on the table will be our honey cookies, straight out of the book!

Based on a recipe by Angela Pritchett, these cookies are made with about two sticks of butter and half a cup of honey -- and they are delicious. They feature strongly throughout book 1 (although Iris has her own owl cookie cutter!), and the recipe is at the end so you can go home and make them yourself!

We even took a quick video of the taste test process with Emily, who did an amazing job of handling baking duties so Kara didn't break in two doing last-minute con prep:

And we've got another special treat for anyone attending. One lucky partygoer will get an Owl's Flower gift basket with four teas from Discover Teas -- our two custom blends, Blooms That Brighten, and their new San Franni Chai -- a Tuffy steeper, teaspoon, and Owl's Flower mug designed by Ginger!

Eventually these will be available to purchase off this site, but for now only the winner and the creators will have these.

So be sure to join us at Intervention for party time, first looks, and prizes! We can't wait to see you there!


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