Thursday, August 25, 2016

Book 1 sample!

It was the other girl. The one who didn't like him. Starry? She regarded him through half-closed eyes, almost more catlike than the cat from before.

“I thought you were off somewhere today.”

She shrugged. “And now I'm back. A friend of my dad's is in this band so I said I'd come listen.”

“Where's she gone?”

“Home.” The word seemed oddly heavy with meaning.


A sample of a full-page art piece by Ginger Hoesly (and some of the accompanying text by Kara Dennison) featuring Stormy Nakabito and Herne from the first Owl's Flower book. Be sure to go and check out Ginger's post over on her Tumblr!

And come back tomorrow for a compilation of some of the sneak peeks of other pieces!


  1. I've read chapter 1.
    An intriguing set up, dinstinctive characters and some snappy dialouge! I'm looking forward to reading chapter 2.
    Would you categorise this story as a Young Adult fantasy work?
    Kind regards, @infiniteregress17

    1. There's a bit o' swearing in the first book from some rather not-nice teenagers, but I'd categorize it as young adult and up. The two main characters are 35 and 400-something, so their relationship issues are more mature ones, but I don't think they're inaccessible to YA readers.

      And the fantasy will definitely be a major part of the story. It's not 'my boyfriend is a nature god but everything else is pretty much life.' You're going to see all sorts of gods, demons, monsters, spirits, and ghosties from different religions, cultures, folklore, and a bit of public domain fiction, too. :)