Monday, August 22, 2016


NAME: Ms. Waters

AGE: None of your business

OCCUPATION: Stay-at-home cat owner

LIKES: Children, the beach, cats

DISLIKES: Staying up late, loud music

Ms. Waters is living just as she'd like to: her own home, her own schedule, and the companionship of her three cats. Hapi, Bast, and Anubis generally understand who's in charge of the house, but they're also cats. And so their relationship with the lady of the house tends to be one of mutual begrudging understanding.

While she prefers staying in as much as possible, Ms. Waters does make monthly trips to the seaside. The fact that she tends to cue them to the full moon has led to neighborhood kids insisting she's a werewolf, but no one's come up with any particularly compelling proof of this. By her own account, she just likes the beach at high tide.

She's as close to a mother figure locally as Iris really has, and does raise an eyebrow at the younger woman's workaholic tendencies. Still, she's more concerned for Iris's happiness and well-being than anything else. The two are friends, but that friendship usually manifests in the form of Iris receiving advice from her elders.

Even though she's not especially young, Ms. Waters somehow still manages to seem wise beyond her years.


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