Monday, August 8, 2016


NAME: Iris Faulkner

AGE: 35

JOB: Owner and general manager of Owl's Flower

LIKES: Owls, long naps, orderly schedules

DISLIKES: Uncertainty, elevator music, bugs

Iris turned her love of baking and her knack for organization into a business: Owl's Flower, a small coffee shop and bakery with a staff of two. While they aren't blowing the doors off daily, they do have a comfortable enough sized clientele that she's been going successfully for several years.

While Iris is impassioned about her work, she can tend to get tunnel vision when it comes to her job. This means little to no time for outside friendships, relationships or hobbies. Save for her occasional marathons of cooking shows and looking after a neighbor's cats, she doesn't engage in much that doesn't entail her job — until Owl's Flower gains an unexpected regular in the form of the town's local legend.

Outside of work (when she lets herself do things outside work), Iris is clever, creative, and a quick learner. And even when faced with the unexpected — whether it's a rush of customers or an otherworldly being — it never takes her long to come up with a plan.


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