Monday, August 15, 2016


NAME: Stormy Nakabito

AGE: 17

JOB: Part-time barista/social media expert at Owl's Flower

LIKES: Free food, video games, nature

DISLIKES: Public displays of affection, hot weather, whatever you're into right now

Stormy is the daughter of a successful Japanese dressmaker and a significantly less successful American bassist — hence her dad and herself taking her mother's surname. Despite her family being well off enough that her mother supports all of them, Stormy opts to work at Owl's Flower full-time during the summer and part-time when school is in.

Her default setting is "blasé," but that's not necessarily out of disgust at the people around her. It can be, but not necessarily. Despite her seeming boredom at whatever and whomever she's around, she's a keen observer and can often read more from a situation than those who seem more involved. Her deadpan humor can often be mistaken as her genuine sentiment by those who don't know her.

While Stormy may seem actively disrespectful of her boss, she actually likes and respects Iris a great deal and would defend her in a heartbeat if the situation demanded it. Which is why she's more than a little skeptical of the boss-lady's new boyfriend, who seems mystified by everything from smartphones to the concept of putting sugar in coffee.

And yes, it does say "Stormy" on her birth certificate.


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